Behind the

    Brookmans Sideboard Dark Stained Cropped

We are inspired by the world around us to create ideas that shape spaces to be lived in and enjoyed.

Kitchen design has moved on so much in the last few years and we now see families and communities wanting to share space which not only has to be practical but also beautiful. Our design team is constantly working to bring new and exciting ideas to the table, this means that we will be constantly updating our portfolio and sharing with you our passion for all things exquisite.

Spacial design is the key word for modern day living, rooms are being blended and therefore as responsible designers we need to keep this constantly in mind, in fact it is this which keeps us continuously inspired. We take influences from all aspects of life, from fresh fields giving us colours, to historic buildings for classical proportions to looking back over design movements where we feel we create fresh ideas from.


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What makes us different

As the younger sibling of the eminent Smallbone of Devizes, which for over 40 years has been a global leader in design and British craftsmanship of luxury kitchens and furniture; the Brookmans lineage instils a passion in our team to adhere to a core set of principles:

  • The use of craftsmanship in cabinetry and finishes that reflect 4 decades of development of our makers skills
  • A design integrity that offers furniture that captures the demands of both traditional architecture and a progressive eye
  • To fully explore an uncompromising set of materials and efficiencies that help to keep our prices appealing and to allow experience accessible luxury


We are inspired by the world around us to create ideas that shape spaces to be lived in and enjoyed.

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Initial sketches
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