Our Design Service

Drawing from over 40 years of experience, our design service ensures an efficient and enjoyable way for you to acquire your dream space. Let us guide you from initial designs to installation following a simple 5 step process:

1 Brookmans Kitchens Consultation

1. A design consultation.

To get started, an initial consultation with one of our expert designers is key to discuss your project and design requirements. This can be carried out either in the Brookmans showroom, virtually or through a site visit.

2 Brookmans Kitchens Initialdrawings

2. Initial designs and estimates.

Once the designer has a project brief they will require plans or drawings of the space, either sent by you or your architect/designer, or through a site visit of their own where they can draw up the area. Using these they will come up with a proposal of an aspirational Brookmans’ design, along with estimates that suit your style requirements and budget. The proposal will include technical drawings, realistic 3D renderings and detailed costings.

3 Brookmans Kitchens Details

3. Choose Brookmans.

Once you are happy with the initial designs and estimates, you will be invited to commission Brookmans to take on your project. Following this, our designers will continue to work with you on the project by focusing more on design details, finishes and personal specifications.

Computer Design Bw

4. Finalise designs.

The designs will be finalised inclusive of all finishes of furniture, worktops and appliances. A Project Manager will be assigned to your project who would perform a final site survey to ensure all dimensions and technical aspects are correct.


5. Installation.

Our Project Manager will oversee your Brookmans installation working closely with yourself, your designer and any other interior consultants, contractors and architects you may be working with to ensure a timely and proficient project completion.