Make it your Own

A city apartment. A country cottage. A modern town house. Your home is as individual as you are and our designers will personalise your Brookmans kitchen so it’s the perfect fit. Whether you’re furnishing a generously proportioned room or a space in which streamlining is paramount, our kitchens do more than adapt to your requirements – they sync with your style.

A K2 Brookmans Kitchen In A Country Cottage

Four types of glazing.

Adding the element of glass to your Brookmans’ kitchen can open up the space and give focus to your favourite objects. We offer four types of glazing options: clear, opaque, Georgian wire glass and fluted, each transforming the look of the cabinetry to complement your kitchen design. Adding interior lighting further showcases chosen objects, while bringing another ambient light source to the room.

An Unpainted K2 Kitchen By Brookmans

Natural or painted wood.

Of all building materials, it is perhaps wood that is the most tactile and expressive. It has warmth. Depth. Its own characteristics. And in the hands of artisans, it simply improves with age.  Our cabinetry can be hand-painted or exposed to celebrate the organic beauty of the wood grain. Our all-wood cabinetry is built from Tulip wood, its density lending a satisfying weight to cabinet doors, its fine grain creating a smooth finish when hand-painted. Draw boxes are made from solid European oak, selected because it has few knots. Crucially, all our wood hails from sustainable, renewable sources.

Brookmans Worktops

Natural or man-made worktops.

The right work surface is not just a practical consideration but also a significant style statement in the overall design and we offer various worktops, each with its own distinctive character. Select from natural materials such as Carrara marble or granite, or from engineered stones, such as quartzite, which offers the appearance of marble but the practicality of granite. All our worktops are supplied to a recommended 30mm depth for strength and durability.

Brookmans By Smallbone Blue Kitchen

Personalised storage solutions.

While we go to great lengths to ensure your Brookmans kitchen looks impeccably stylish from the outside, we know that how it functions in terms of storage is absolutely key. The inside of every cabinet and draw is designed to help you maximise and optimise space; think pull-out pantries, vegetable trays and spice and bottle racks. You can even have LED strip lighting incorporated to help you keep tabs on everything you store.

A Grey Brookmans K2 Kitchen

The finer details.

Your choice of ironmongery and cornice shapes the overall look of your kitchen. Our designers will help you choose from an extensive selection of cornices and ironmongery for a traditional, contemporary or blended-look.


Why Brookmans5

An extraordinary colour palette.

Our designers will help you choose from our extensive selection of paint colours — from bold statements with Etna (a vivid orange) and Arles (a sunny yellow) to the more calming tones of Okame (a sophisticated stone) and Bedwyn (an off-white), you set the tone. In terms of finish, the first coat is applied in our Devizes studio workshop and the final coat, in situ at your home, delivering a pristine result.