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    Smallbone Of Devizes

Our Story

As the younger sibling of the eminent Smallbone of Devizes, which for over 40 years has been a global leader in design and British craftsmanship of luxury kitchens and furniture; the Brookmans lineage instils a passion in our team to adhere to a core set of principles:

— The use of craftsmanship in cabinetry and finishes that reflect 4 decades of development of our makers skills

— A design integrity that offers furniture that captures the demands of both traditional architecture and a progressive eye

— To fully explore an uncompromising set of materials and efficiencies that assist in keeping our prices appealing to allow our clients to experience accessible luxury.

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Smallbone of Devizes

The Wiltshire market town of Devizes is ensconced in an ancient landscape of water-flanked lanes, orchards, open downs carved with white horses and seductively tranquil valleys. This is our spirit and our home.

Smallbone of Devizes is a global purveyor of bespoke fitted cabinetry from the rich context of British craft. For decades its craftsmen have evolved a deeply diverse portfolio of immaculately executed custom-made furniture for individual spaces.

The same craftsmanship inherent in its kitchens extends to Smallbone’s realised designs for the bedroom, dressing room, bathroom, library and wine room – for any conceivable space within the home.

Brookmans Craft

Handmade in Britain

There is often a nostalgic vision of how we make our furniture, one thing that is for sure is the passion for making the best has never been stronger. We have the most up-to-date machinery operated by our highly skilled craftsmen which means not only can we bring unrivalled knowledge and dedication to the Brookmans cabinetry, but we also retain our thirst for traditional values.

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Brookmans is a responsible buyer of FSC timber and uses repurposed timber thinnings for certain cabinet materials. In addition, we actively seek to engender positive working practices and have recently invested in some of the most up-to-date woodworking machinery to enable us to minimise waste while championing quality.  We continually seek innovative and sensitive methods of repurposing any residue materials through alternative initiatives.

‘There is also an honesty and a strong degree of sustainability in building furniture well and appropriate to its environment so that it wears well and remains relevant for years to come.’

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